Smart Fertigation Decision Platform

2020-05-11 16:52 Miguel Lee

Based on the smart fertigation decision-making platform and other agriculture-related platforms, the whole farm industrial chain which flows from farm to dining table is opened up. Through the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology, production technology, agricultural operation and intelligent management of agricultural machinery are realized, providing a refined management and control system platform integrating many businesses such as finance, procurement, sales, production and inventory.

The smart fertigation decision engine has successfully used crop digital models, nutrient expert systems and intelligent decision systems to raise intelligent agriculture to a higher level.   The mathematical model of crop growth realizes accurate irrigation and fertilization, reduces fertilizer consumption, reduces water usage and brings real benefits to users through the values of various stages and growing periods of crop growth.

The nutrient expert model solves the problems of difficulty, untimely implementation, high cost and poor correlation between nitrogen results and crop responses of farmers.   Truly realize the correct fertilizer varieties, with the appropriate dosage, at the right time, in the right place.

The identification technology of image machine learning, through remote sensing or unmanned aerial vehicle images, on-site video images to judge the growth status of crops, identify the growth period, LAI, lack of nutrient elements and plant diseases and insect pests status, thus making agricultural decisions is the development direction of intelligent engine technology.

The intelligent water and fertilizer decision system provides local and current growth environment parameters through the Internet of Things sensing system and local meteorological forecast data. Through big data depth analysis, by the future meteorological development status. According to the predicted key data affecting crop growth, crop growth simulation results and irrigation water consumption prediction, comprehensive analysis of crop fertilization and analysis of crop images, it gives appropriate agricultural technology measures for crops to achieve the goal of obtaining high-yield and high-quality agricultural products.

Innovative irrigation technology, through the analysis of sensor data, the active root system and the maximum density of root depth of crops can be obtained.   The variable irrigation method based on the distribution of crop roots is proposed and realized by realizing the real-time positioning and dynamic induction of desity of roots, so that crops can be irrigated timely and appropriately.